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Have You Thought About Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are one of the many types available. They offer many of the same benefits of regular braces, but this variety offers one perk you may like. On the whole, lingual braces are not much different from their traditional counterparts. They bring your teeth into their more ideal alignment by repositioning them gently and carefully. The major difference is... read more »

Choose Lingual Braces for a Discreet Orthodontic Experience

As an adult with upcoming orthodontic treatment, you may be hesitant about having braces placed. Like many adults, you may be worried about the effect braces will have on the appearance of your smile. Lingual Braces Ask Dr. Jaime Rivera about lingual braces. These braces have brackets that are attached to the backside of the teeth instead of to the... read more »

Realign Your Smile With One of These Orthodontic Options

When it comes to choosing your path for orthodontics, it’s easier to make the right choice when you have a good understanding of the different treatments. Our orthodontist and team have provided the common types of orthodontic treatments to help you choose wisely. Traditional Metal Braces Metal braces are the most common option and have been highly tested over the... read more »