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Realign Your Smile With One of These Orthodontic Options

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When it comes to choosing your path for orthodontics, it’s easier to make the right choice when you have a good understanding of the different treatments. Our orthodontist and team have provided the common types of orthodontic treatments to help you choose wisely.

Traditional Metal Braces
Metal braces are the most common option and have been highly tested over the years. They tend to be the least expensive orthodontic option. The variety of colored bands allows you to create your own personal style, which is good because these braces will be very conspicuous in your smile.

Ceramic Braces
The clear or tooth-colored materials that make up these braces enable them to be discreet. Of your cosmetic orthodontic options, they are also usually the fastest, though you can expect them to cost more than traditional braces and not be as sturdy. Ceramic braces need proper care so that they don’t develop stains.

Lingual Braces
Lingual braces are the least conspicuous because they sit behind your teeth, but this also makes them more difficult to clean, and they are often more expensive. Usually, lingual braces are not a good fit for cases of severe misalignment.

Clear Aligners
Clear aligners are hard to see and easily removable, making them the most convenient option since you can still eat and drink whatever you want. However, they are only offered to teens and adults and are not recommended for severe cases. Clear aligners can also be expensive, especially if an aligner is lost, and may take longer than other treatments.

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