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Ask about accelerated tooth movement that equals shorter treatment time!

At Rivera Orthodontics, we are committed to the providing the highest level of comfort and fastest recovery times for our patients. We understand that getting braces is probably not on your bucket list, so we want to make the process as quick and painless as possible. That is why we are proud to offer Propel®, a system for stimulating bone remodeling that can cut treatment time in half.

Many of our orthodontics patients are concerned about how much time recovery can take. By using Propel technologies, Dr. Jaime Rivera can speed up your treatment time significantly. The Propel system speeds up bone remodeling to help your teeth move into the proper positions much faster than they do in traditional treatments. That means fewer appointments and less time in braces for our patients.

Additional benefits of Propel include the following:

  • Decreased likelihood of decalcification and white spots
  • No pain experienced by most patients
  • Fewer broken brackets and wires in braces

The vast majority of our patients are able to benefit from Propel technologies. Are you interested in a visit with us to learn more about how Propel in El Paso, Texas, can accelerate your orthodontic care? Please call us now to find out more about how our orthodontist, Dr. Rivera, can use this system to help you achieve your dream smile.

Inform yourself about propel by visiting Propel’s website at propelorthodontics.com

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