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Tips to Help Prevent Damage to Your Braces

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The braces installed in your mouth by your orthodontist, Dr. Jaime Rivera, are designed to realign the position of your teeth for a healthier mouth and an appealing smile. This is done by applying progressive tension to the periodontal ligaments that are anchoring each tooth in its socket during your routine adjustment appointments. If a piece of your braces hardware is loosened, bent or damaged, it could significantly increase the number of adjustments needed to achieve your ideal smile.

To that end, Dr. Jaime Rivera points out some basic activities and lifestyle choices that could potentially damage your braces.

Chewing gum and eating sticky foods is one of the most common causes of damaged braces. The suction created by chewing on these things can sometimes be strong enough to pull a bracket, band or spacer loose.

Biting down on hard foods can also cause significant damage to your braces. This has the potential to bend wires, break bands or even knock a bracket loose from the face of a tooth. This also extends to other activities like crunching down on ice or nibbling on pencils and pens.

If you are an athlete participating in contact sports, Dr. Jaime Rivera strongly recommends using a high-quality mouthguard. A blow to the face can without adequate protection can severely damage your mouth, teeth and braces.

If you have questions or concerns about how to prevent damage to your braces in El Paso, Texas, you can always call Rivera Orthodontics at 915-592-5853 to ask a question.