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Overcoming Bad Smiles with Invisalign®

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Did you know that Invisalign® can treat broken smiles and give you back the straight shine you have lost? Invisalign is nearly invisible so it can work hard for your mouth with little to no interference in your life. Overcoming bad smiles with Invisalign is possible in part due to these fantastic benefits:

– Invisalign features breakthrough technology that allows the aligners to be detached at will, which means there are no food restrictions, and you can eat as your heart desires, as long as you remove the treatments before each meal.
– Invisalign removes the stigma of outmoded braces by allowing them to be worn discreetly, often without others noticing them.
– Invisalign aligners are extremely effective at correcting various oral health ailments including pain from TMJ disorders, damage caused by bruxism, and most of all, malocclusions, which are bad bites and misalignments with your smile.
– As your treatment progresses, so too will your aligners, which can be easily removed and replaced if necessary.
– Invisalign aligners are skillfully crafted without the use of metals thanks to their patented thermoplastic design, which allows them to be fully customized and designed to fit the needs of each patient.

If you are in need of Invisalign orthodontic aligners, come visit Rivera Orthodontics for treatment today. With the helpful support of Dr. Jaime Rivera and our wonderful team at our orthodontic office in El Paso, Texas, we can restore your smile to its former glory. To schedule an appointment, call us at 915-592-5853. Visit us today, and your smile with thank you!