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Less Visible Braces for Adults

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Traditionally seen as a rite of passage for teens, braces are usually spotted on young adults after all the permanent teeth have fully appeared. Only then is the orthodontist able to examine and more properly optimize the teeth’s placement within the mouth.

Notwithstanding, it is now fairly commonplace for adults to get braces either because they never had them as a youth, or because their teeth have moved out of alignment over the years. Generally, braces will work exactly the same way as do braces for kids. When choosing to get braces, adults will find that there are more options than there used to be when they were young. In particular, you can opt for less visible, transparent, and tooth-colored types that are easier to hide so that wearing them is less noticeable. Metallic color front and center is no longer the only choice these days.

There are three particular approaches for the less visible kind of braces:

Aligner trays: Clear plastic molds that change to gradually push teeth into proper position.
Porcelain braces: Tooth-colored brackets made of porcelain, not metal.
Lingual braces: Hidden brackets are cemented to the backs of the teeth to be unseen.

If you need braces as an adult and one of these less visible options is of interest to you, consult with your orthodontist to discuss. One type might work better for you than the other.

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