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Ceramic Coated Braces – An Alternative to All-Metal Braces

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Trying to convince your teenager that wearing metal braces is good for them can be difficult. Teenage years are awkward and will be made more awkward with braces that draw attention to themselves. Your family’s dentist, Dr. Jaime Rivera offers an alternative: ceramic coated braces.

For the most part, these are still regular braces. However, the wires and brackets are made less noticeable through a ceramic porcelain coating that is glazed over them. The color of the porcelain material is customized to match the shade of your child’s teeth to keep the braces from being noticeable during casual encounters.

Your child should maintain a daily brushing and flossing routine while wearing braces. However, whitening toothpaste should not be incorporating into their daily brushing. Even though the ceramic coating will not stain, it has been selected to match the teeth’s color, which can change and cause a mismatch by using whitening toothpaste.

Another thing that can cause a mismatch is eating and drinking too many dark colored foods and drinks. These can stain the teeth’s enamel, causing it to be a different color from the porcelain coating of the braces. While your child can eat things like dark chocolate and berries in moderate amounts, they should remember to brush their teeth afterward. It is also recommended they use a straw when drinking sodas.

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