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Can Your Oral Health Be Improved with Malocclusion Treatments?

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Have you ever been in for a malocclusion exam? A malocclusion is an alignment issue with your teeth or jaw where they do not function or align as intended. Usually, malocclusions can be fixed with orthodontic treatments and therapies designed to straighten smiles and improve oral health.

Most malocclusions occur within the incisors, which are the front teeth in the mouth. They are prominently presented on both the upper and lower rows in your jaw. Various types of incisor malocclusions include deep bites (also called closed bites), overbites (also called upper protrusions or buck teeth), misplaced midlines, open bites, and underbites (also called bulldog teeth).

Other forms of malocclusions include transposition malocclusions, spacing malocclusions, and rotation malocclusions. Transposition malocclusions arise when teeth erupt above the gumline in the wrong locations. Spacing malocclusions include abnormal gaps and overcrowded teeth. Rotation malocclusions are simply teeth that have rotated out of their proper alignments.  Another common type of malocclusion that is often treated with orthodontic braces is crossbites, which occurs when the lower jawbone sticks out past the upper jawbone.

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