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A History of Orthodontic Procedures

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Millions of individuals go under some type of orthodontic procedure to better their smile and teeth alignment. These practices date back to even before Egyptians, who used a form of braces using animal intestines tied around the teeth on mummies. This was to send them into the afterlife with straighter teeth. This history of orthodontics has revolutionized over hundreds of centuries and brought you the availability of today’s braces.

Egyptians also used metal to place in the deceased’s mouths. Romans used the method of pressing their fingers consistently to push their teeth into a straighter smile or using thin, gold wire to try shaping their teeth into the correct shape.

The revolution of dental braces couldn’t happen without philosophers’ research such as Hippocrates and Aristotle. One of the first official books on dentistry and orthodontics was Pierre Fauchard’s book, The Surgeon Dentist (Le Chirurgien Dentiste), published in 1728. One of the chapters discusses the use of an iron device known as a “Bandeau.” This was reformed by Louis Bourdet in 1754 to further help the teeth’s arch expand.

Christophe-Francois Delabarre created the first wire crib in 1819, followed soon by the invention of gum elastics by Edward Maynard in 1843. Different advancements such as dental dams and bands were made in the next century. The invention of the x-ray machine created further advancements in dental research so dentists could observe below the gums. The term “braces” was also keyed into society.

Metallic braces consisting of gold and silver followed. These were typically only affordable for those with enough money to purchase gold or silver braces. The biggest breakthrough for ortho was the discovery of dental adhesive in the 1970s. This allowed brackets to be placed directly on the teeth. This was then followed by the use of stainless steel, which was not only affordable for everyone, but was much easier for dentists to bend and adjust according to the patient’s mouth.

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